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Bring your dog to Mackinac Island!

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Want to share your love of Mackinac Island with your favorite furry friend?

Vacations are fun but it can be stressful if you have to leave your dog behind. Many people wonder if you can bring your dog to Mackinac Island. The answer is YES!

All of the excitement starts on the ferry. You can sit inside or choose to sit outside where your dog can feel the wind on their face.

Upon arrival to the island, you will want to make sure that your dog stays on their leash and close to you – there is quite a bit of activity on the docks and Main Street. You’d be surprised how busy it can get with horses and bikes, and for your dog those may be brand new sights that they’ve never seen before.

One of the most popular attractions on the island is a horse-drawn carriage ride. Dogs are welcome on the public carriage tour. You can hold your dog on your lap or they can sit at your feet if they are a larger dog.

One of the tour stops is at Fort Mackinac. Fort Mackinac is dog friendly and has outdoor grounds where you can watch reenactments, cannon firings and walk through historic buildings with interactive displays.

Right outside the fort, you’ll find the start of the Botanical Trail which winds through the woods and leads out to Arch Rock. There are many routes that you and your dog can take, some leading to geological formations and other points of interest.

After a day of adventuring with your dog, check into your room at Sunset Condos. Sunset Condos offers pet-friendly lodging located on the West side of the island. It is a peaceful area, away from the bustle of downtown where you can relax, cook in your condo's fully equipped kitchen or outside at the outdoor grills, go for evening walks and enjoy comfortable accommodations.

You'll find fun items for your dog in some downtown shops. Ryba’s Fudge Shops sells yummy peanut butter dog biscuits and Rustic Chic Boutique is a unique clothing boutique that also sells treats, toys and apparel for pups.

Go ahead and start planning a trip to the island. Your dog will be so happy to be a part of a memorable Mackinac Island vacation. Tails will be wagging!

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