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Celebrating 30 years of moving Michigan forward, the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Mackinac Policy Conference comes to Grand Hotel. By bringing over 1,500 of Michigan’s business and community leaders together to discuss and work on the issues and challenges facing Michigan. This valuable conference is a definite “do not miss” for community leaders, politicos, and businesses - small or large.

Keynote speakers have included former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich; former independent mayor of Turin, Italy, Dr. Valentino Castellani; and CEO of the Chrysler Group LLC, Sergio Marchione.  All of these brilliant minds are gathered in one place to brainstorm and put in place steps for Michigan’s economic re-invigoration. 

Walking around the Grand Hotel, it is amazing to see how it transforms overnight into a modernized media mecca.  There are large video monitors in the Lobby and Parlor which provide information for conference attendees and the Theater stage is extended.  Several radio and television stations regularly attend including WJIM, WDET, WJR, WRIF, WCSX and WMGC.  
Any Michigan resident can tune in to hear what is going on for the economic and cultural re-vitalization. The discussions center on Economic Recovery, Education Reform and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Jobs in New Industries, Jobs with New Opportunities.

Some ideas from previous conferences have included: supporting the Detroit River, organizing and convening a collaborative union/business working group to establish and spread positive messages about the state, and to identify leading CEOs to help build a regional economic development strategy and drive education reform for the city of Detroit. The main theme is for business and government leaders uniting to re-build, re-invent and re-energize Michigan. 

If you would like to be part of this stimulating think-tank, you can find information at




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