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Mackinac Island has long been an inspiring place for artists to visit and hone their talents.  The collection at The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum showcases historic treasures from the Mackinac State Historic Parks’ collections and inspires creativity in others with its class offerings, artist speakers, and art resources.  It contains many types of art from Native American woven baskets to modern-day paintings of the island by local residents. 
The art museum brings together Mackinac art created over the centuries for tourists and locals to share. You can see Mackinac-inspired art from nearly two centuries ago to modern-day multi-media installations.  One of the earliest pieces is a fragment of decorated prehistoric pottery, recently excavated from the actual site of the art museum.   Visitors can fully immerse themselves in the art on display through the use of audiovisual and hands-on techniques and special programs.

The current location of the museum was first known as the Indian Dormitory. The United States Indian Agency called for its development in the 1836 Treaty of Washington, in which the midwestern Indian nations deeded significant shares of land from Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas to the United States.  The Indian Dormitory was constructed to house Native Americans who came to the island to receive payment as part of the provision.  However, it ceased to serve this purpose after eight years and was subsequently converted into a schoolhouse for island children - the building was the Mackinac Island Public School for nearly 100 years. 

This art museum is a wonderful addition the island and a must-see when you are visiting. Perhaps you can join an art class or two! The art museum is generously funded by the Richard & Jane Manoogian Foundation. 

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