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What began as a simple conversation in the 1940s is now a fantastic ten day event with lots of family friendly activities and fun things to do.  Evangilene “Ling” Horn and Nurse Stella King spoke with veterinarian Dr. Bill Chambers, when he was a teenager, about having a Mackinac Island parade on Lilac Sunday.  

The concept for the ten day festival was simply to invite people to the island to enjoy a great horse-drawn carriage parade amidst the lovely lilacs which bloom in June.  

The Lilac Festival always begins with the coronation of the Lilac Queen and introduction of the Lilac Court. Throughout the week, there are music concerts, lilac walks and tours, a 10K run, a dog and pony parade, and more!  The signature event is the Lilac Festival Grand Parade, with floats pulled by horse-drawn carriages! Mackinac Island's Lilac Festival is a wonderful way to welcome summer!




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