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One of the most photographed spots on Mackinac Island, Arch Rock, a geological formation of a natural limestone arch, is a truly breathtaking and wonderous attraction.  This amazing site to see was formed during the nipissing post-glacial period, a period of high Lake Huron water levels following the end of the Wisconsin glaciation. To this day Arch Rock stands on the Lake Huron shoreline 146 ft (45m) above the water. This type of formation is quite rare in the North American Great Lakes region. The Native Americans saw Arch Rock as a place of luminous power and told many stories and legends about it. It's presence was a major element in the decision to create Mackinac National Park in 1875 and it's successor, Mackinac Island State Park in 1895. "Arch Rock Road" is a dedicated road that follows a relatively straight route from Fort Mackinac to Arch Rock on the eastern shore of the island.


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